Tim Farrell Architects is a design firm that specialises in creating innovative design concepts. We are committed to designing buildings and business parks that adhere to the principles of sustainability and efficiency. We provide tailor-made solutions to all scales of projects ranging from smaller suburban commercial buildings to large commercial campus projects. We approach every project with the same care, professionalism and enthusiasm.

Commerceial - Tim Farrell Pty Ltd ArchitectsAt TFA, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality and cost-effective building design solutions to our clients. To maximise the client’s building budget, we seek new and innovative ways of using raw building materials and construction methods. We endeavour to meet high levels of client satisfaction in the delivery of our services to a range of industries and disciplines and strive to create smart and state-of-the-art designs within set financial parameters.

We offer a broad range of services and can manage a project from initial concept stage through to project completion.

We believe in working collaboratively with our clients and maintain open of communication at all times. Our ultimate aim is to align ourselves with our client’s objectives to ensure the prompt delivery of every project we undertake.